Thursday, November 6, 2014

Turmeric - Be Gone Inflamation

After overcoming major illness early in life, as well as only a few years ago, and re-booting my immune system, foot pain is confusing.  I thought my immune system, including the "structural framework",  was bulletproof. Ahhh, not yet. After a lifetime of unintentional immune system damage, a few short years are baby steps on a longer journey of wellness to repair damage.

Everybody seems to have a opinion (and ready to share loudly) when they see you limping. Some work, some don't. However, pain seems to strongly motivate you to continue to "fine tune" and discover what works for you.

My most recent "success" is Turmeric. While many have seen on the spice aisle, it's the active ingredient in mustard and many Middle Eastern dishes.

I chewed on the actual Turmeric root from the produce section (next to ginger). Tastes like a funky carrot and I didn't notice any difference. However, when I opened capsules in water or HPP Turmeric Alive, I have been given the best outcome. Pain is radically reduced even during wet weather and barometer changes. I find taking it with a cracker or toast (like you would with most medications) seems to work better.

I'm continuing doses daily and inflammation is continuing to reduce.

Prologue: I definitely have more pronounced pain if I don't drink minimum one before workout, then one with dinner. A definite winner reducing inflammation.