Friday, June 12, 2015

Ginger Root - Soak the Pain Away

It's funny how I get a "crumb" on the journey of wellness. A vendor for a tea I knew well, saw me limping and mentioned ginger root soak for my feet.And boy, did it do the trick. While my husband and I have perfected it's effectiveness, it amazes me how it cuts even stabbing feet pain. Even other pain .
Ginger root is such a powerful anti-inflammatory. I chop fresh root, bring to a boil then add to hot water. I keep my feet close, checking the temperature as it begins to cool, by catching it as hot as I can manage. Don't let your feet get cold in the water or I find it only works a little.

Old timers from lots of different countries swore by all sorts of salves put on the feet or foot soaks for most effective absorption for all sorts of maladies. Maybe they had it right all along. We seem to now be "discovering" many of these old treatments are less invasive and actually work as well (or better) with none of the side effects on liver/kidney. .

Ginger foot soak definitely fits in that category for me.

Good soaks...