Monday, November 9, 2015

Organic Aloe Vera Makeup - Reduce Toxic Load

Our skin is considered the largest organ in our body. In many cases, the first place that gives us an indication something is wrong with our health is our skin.Add to the toxic ingredients that are in our foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and you've got an on-going chemical soup we apply daily.Trying to reduce my toxic load, I've tried many that had non-toxic ingredients but was frustrated with how cake-y (that's an industry term) each were, going into every crevice, fine line or wrinkle. I was convinced that I just hadn't found the right one and I had to keep looking. The answer was in nearby Austin, Texas from a famous doctor who not only reversed her Epstein Barr but all sorts of other autoimmune conditions of her patients.

Discovering Autoimmune Doctor Amy Myers in a Functional Medicine seminar, I was curious to what type of makeup she used. In an interview, when someone asked about toxic personal beauty products, she mentioned her daily regime was located on her blog. Sure enough, she used a Foundation stick with a base of Organic Aloe Vera. Wow! Now, I was excited. If you've ever put an aloe vera leaf on a scar, cut or bun and seen it miraculous heal and disappear, your pulse has to race a little on the possibilities or not only non-toxic but actually healing.

So, I go on website and there it is, W3LL People Organic Aloe Makeup. W3LL People  Narcissist Foundation Stick for those that need moist mineral foundation from Austin Texas was created by mature makeup artist that wanted makeup that was not only non-toxic, but healing. Look at ingredients of cosmetics you use, that's a very hard thing to do especially if you want good moist coverage..They also have videos of how to apply to get best results.

I was also pleased, they have small sample colors for a minimal $1.50 so I pick a few just to get the color right. The foundation was amazing! I have very dry, very fair skin and for the first time I can remember, my face didn't tingle when I put makeup on. That was the first thing that was startling because I had never noticed it tingled until it didn't. I've noticed this is a common theme when you try something beneficial to your body, you become aware of the "lack of a symptom" because that was your normal.

After many weeks of applying, my skin texture is actually better and everybody keeps asking me if I had "some work done". You know you've found something special when you get those comments.

Happy travels on your Healing Adventure.