Saturday, August 9, 2014

Far Infrared Sauna - Detox heaven

If you're like me, the heat of the summer is a real zapper of energy but a different type of low heat sauna can reverse and rebuild your energy from inside out.

The frequency wave range of a infrared sauna is 7-14 microns, the frequency that H²0 resonates with.  This resonance releases toxins such as sulfur, formaldehyde and heavy metals for example. The increased depth of penetration provides pain-relief, detoxification and increased circulation.

If you've had injuries in sports, many athletes are finding far infrared is invaluable in reducing lactic acid and inflammation.

The Mayo Clinic continues with studies it started back in the 90's for congestive heart failure to a broader group of other health issues and toxicity.

I found not only I had more energy but slept more deeply with beautiful glowing skin (since it encourages collagen production). Many yoga studios include 30 minute sessions for under $15 per session and packages that reduce below $10 per session.

Good Luck on your journey to wellness...