Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stevia - Sweet With No Calories Or Chemicals

We've all been raised on sweet flavored everything beginning at childhood. So it's no surprise we crave sweetness in everything especially in our drinks.

I've tried lots of sweeteners for my drinks, whether cold or hot, but I have found the herb, Stevia is my favorite. It feeds my comfort of sweet but without elevation of my sugar level or contributing toward overgrowth of sugar in the gut.

I've grown Stevia in my garden even in poor, base soil. It's leaves look like basil but thinner and like mint, you tear/rub together, then drop leaves in your drink, flavoring it. This is my first option of format, but sometimes not so convenient. Liquid Stevia dissolves well and keeps well.

I've yet to find a powdered version that dissolves well in liquids. Be careful, some "Stevia mixtures" include chemicals and preservatives in their ingredients which defeat the purpose of staying with natural herbs. Also, some "non sugar" or "calorie free" natural sweeteners have "alcohol syrups" which raise blood sugar faster and higher than many other sugar sources since they are so quickly absorbed by the body.

Good luck on your adventures....