Friday, May 29, 2015

Too Many Changes - Body May Rebel

While always excited to try something new to assist my body running more efficiently and feel more energetic, I want to do too much at a time. The problem is, when I feel better, I don't know which thing it was that did it. Conversely, because I've combined more than one, I don't know what DIDN'T WORK as well.

So I find making a "Project Wellness List" of things I want to try., then taking one at a time for 7-10 days into my current routine. If I go 10 days, I have 3 more days to really pay attention to HOW I feel specifically (i.e more alert, more energy, sleep deeper, etc.).

We spend so much time focusing our external things, including our hobbies, we tend to put nourishment of our bodies last on the list. They repay the favor when we don't feel energetic and good, then later with chronic illness.

I'm always reminded that these "high performance engines" can run with very "minor repairs" if we do the proper maintenance. Even a expensive sports car on low quality fuel and no maintenance, will stop running.

Good travels on your wellness journey...