Monday, February 29, 2016

Grain Free Pasta - Inflammation BeGone

Having adopted a Grain Free Diet to reduce inflammation (as all functional medicine doctors advocate), pasta was an indulgence I surely missed. But what I didn't miss was how my body felts days after if I decided to cheat. My whole body ached and my stomach felt like a big rock had taken residence.Not worth the pain of grain. Then I stumbled upon Cappello's Fettuccine in the frozen section of Whole Foods (also in Natural Grocers from their website) made with almond flour. But how good can it taste, you ask? Outstanding! And only 3 minutes added to rolling boil water. Keep it in your freezer for quick dinner with veggies and/or your protein selection.Lasagna and Gnocchi as well as pizza's are made by Cappello's.

Their website is with great story of how they started the only grain free pasta that I can locate anywhere.

Safe travels on your wellness journey!