Friday, April 15, 2016

Grain Free Crackers - Indulge without inflammation

Having adopted a Grain Free, Dairy Free Diet to reduce inflammation (as all functional medicine doctors advocate), crackers are an indulgence I surely missed. I found an almond dip that is outstanding but only cut veg to dip it but nothing to spread it on. I miss the crunching. A texture issue maybe. But what I didn't miss was how my body felt days after I decided to cheat.
My whole body ached and my stomach felt like a big rock had taken residence.Not worth the pain of grain. Then I stumbled upon Jilz Mediterranean Crackerz at Green Grocers. The owners said they taste amazing and they have never steared me wrong. And they were so right. Outstanding crunch as well as taste. I just eat them alone but I'm sure a dairy free spread would be amazing too. Their website is