Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grain Free Tortillas - Fiesta Fix without Punishment

If you're a big Mexican Food fan, going grain free paleo for your health meant no more tortillas. Big bummer but I discovered a family called Siete (here in Texas) had a similar issue so they created their own from Almond flour and Coconut flour.

The Almond flour texture feels like a wheat tortilla while the Coconut more like soft corn. Use them in enchiladas with grain free sauce and your body will thank you.

Miss crunchy tortillas? I cut into triangles and toast slightly brushed with a little coconut oil and sea salt and you're back in business without that grain punishment when you convince yourself, "it won't hurt if I do a little" and you feel so achy the following day.

Activate Charcoal is my hack if I accidentally get wheat or dairy (or on purpose).

Happy Travels on your Wellness Journey...