Monday, August 22, 2016

Grain-Free, Dairy Free Transition

Easy, convenient food in our fast paced world is of low quality. Magine putting the lowest grade gas an expensive car and watch it cough and sputter because it runs best on high quality fuels.

Imagine your body as a high performance car. Continuing to eat low quality, toxic foods that are everywhere will cost your well-being and affect not only you, but all those who love and count on your presence in their lives. What if it wouldn't be an "all or nothing" process, but was in the rhythm with what you r body wanted as you learn how it truly functions at its' best.

Why not add simple shortcuts during this process of withdrawing from "easy, cheap, toxic" under your belt. My new Hackbook on Kindle contains select recipes chosen for familiar tastes, textures and how they make you feel, along with hacks when you can't cook, need energy but not the grain punishment. A first step in a new lifestyle choice. Click here to get a preview on Kindle.

Good Luck on your Wellness adventure..