Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kombucha - Let The Fizz Begin!

While you've probably heard the term "kombucha", you may have tasted only one brand or remember why there's so much buzz about it. And given the second wave of kombucha companies (many local in every city) have little in common but some amount of probiotics (albeit less than popular yogurt) while others 20 billion and above emerging now.

While initially I did not like kombucha, but now I love it instead of soda since it's naturally fizzy and another way to get some friendlies with a meal and help with digestion. Many companies make it, the only thing I've noticed is to watch the sugar grams and how many billion estimated probiotics. Aim for 30 billion but slowly start 5-10 billion and keep increasing to get best results.

I'm making my own at home and its like the difference between black and white tv and color tv. Store bought version will taste watered down except if they're 30 billion or more.. Someone told me this and I didn't believe them either until I tried a friend's black tea kombucha and i was hooked. She gave me a piece of her "scoby", the living culture that processes organic cane sugar and 21 days later, kombucha that will taste outstanding and great for your gut health (the center of your health).
I have 2 gallon jars with different combinations of black, green and herbal tea mixes.There's one ready every weekend and it kicks off it with a bang. If its a little too tart, I add a couple of drops of liquid stevia (powdered has a weird aftertaste).

I've used peach, watermelon black, licorice, spearmint, berry and I feel like I'm just scratching the surface of different taste combinations. Email me at if you have any questions or share some cool taste combinations...

Good Luck on your wellness journey