Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Purple Pro & Prebiotic - Microbiome's friend

There's a war going on in your gut. Overgrowth of Sugar bs. Friendly Bacteria. Once I got my gut cleared of sugar overgrowth (from antibiotics, birth control pill, anti-inflammatory over-the-counters, low quality, processed foods), then I could "arm" the friendlies.
The trick I discovered was timing..The Overgrowth needed to be pushed out before the friendlies can "arm". Friendlies, need food to feed the new reinforcements and arms, i.e. prebiotics. Raw Cruciferus veggies in enough bulk can be challenging without tummy issues. I found herbs that promoted  better liver function starting slowly, then building up in amount before bed was a great option. Then adding pre and probiotics to reseed the gut. I've tried all sorts of what was available at the time of my health crisis but found easier, higher quality ones nowadays,

Eclectic Purple Probiotic is not only raw, but fermented in freeze-dried form. They come in capsules or in my case, I use the powder so I can put in capsules for me and sprinkle on my elder cat's food.  She has come back to health because of it. It tastes smoky so even pickiest eater will eat powdered on their food.

Safe Travels on Your Wellness Journey.