Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Are You Absorbing Your Food?

Fuel & Gut Function focuses on absorption of food choices. Gut Function is called the “Second Brain” but it also affects perception and other critical brain functions. Anti-inflammatory fuel gives a healthy Microbiome (Gut environment) continual food source.

Many touted “healthy diets” are anything but healthy. The real question to ask is “do they add to inflammation or reduce inflammation?”
Excess Inflammation is a component in every illness including mood and mental health issues. It is information the body is sending that something is out of balance from inappropriate fuel, lack of restorative sleep, toxic environmental factors or stress in-balance.

If the gut is inflamed, your brain will perceive a threat or other negative emotions. It affects your moods from acting combative rather than working out solutions, for example. And inflammatory “comfort foods” add fuel to the fire when there is a perception of threat or attack.

Removing the oxygen from the fire is the focus. Then the inflammation fire is neutralized. The body is allowed to work optimally as it was designed to be in balance.

Removing inflammatory choices (so they are no longer are an easy option) is an important first step. Substituting anti-inflammatory choices in coffee bar/kitchen, company cafeteria, food cart or vending machines is a good start.

Employers pay for these choices to their bottom line by allowing these inflammatory, easy options at their locations. But what if the opposite were true, only utilizing what encouraged energy, brain function and morale thereby increasing productivity and the bottom line?

Choosing a Wellness Program focused on root cause of your high health costs, sick days, lower productivity and profitability is possible with a true balanced approach Kim is a certified Food and Spirit Practitioner, Speaker and Wellness coach in Dallas, Texas. After overcoming a life threatening childhood illness, she became health advocate and caregiver of family members with lung cancer, single lung transplant and stroke/dementia. After care-giving duties complete, Kim overcame her second health crisis after being told to “put her affairs in order” . She became passionate about vitality and wellness utilizing nourishing foods and thrived in wellness. In her journey, she has interacted with hundreds that have overcome life threatening illnesses and thrived through their life choices of quality fuel they put in their body by learning to listen to their body’s communication. Many she met that created their own wellness with food lifestyle changes started their own companies with food options that didn’t exist before their “wake-up call”. Since they’ve lived these food choices, they are passionate about its quality and ability to assist the body’s ability to repair itself.
Kim continues her wellness journey with speaking and coaching, always passionate about new strides in nutrition, functional medicine’s root cause resolution and epigenetics of well-being

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