Friday, May 9, 2014

Are You Absorbing Those Supplements?

As you read and experiment with herbal supplements to discover whether you can make the High Performance Car (i.e. your body) run better, the question should be "How much am I absorbing?".

The general consensus here in the U.S. is 20-30% with EU estimates in the teens. The short version is, the more  under attack your immune system is, the less it will allow potential "foreign invaders" by the "Fight or Flight" doorman. The doorman asks "Are you friend or foe? I'm assuming foe cause we've not been feeling so good recently". The doorman takes exception with anything liquid.  It gets VIP treatment from the doorman. This survival mechanism ensures that an organism (us) made of mostly water, stays that way..  The human body can go some time without food but not very long without liquid.

So why not use that to our advantage to ensure we absorb maximum benefits?

I tried this experiment for what I had planned on being 10 days, but noticed a difference beginning the second day. I crushed or opened capsules of all the supplements I was taking and added liquid to them.  Then I drank the contents. Now I didn't say it tasted great (peppermint tea covers up a lot of ills) but it did prove to me about the absorption (or rather the lack of) that I was experiencing. I had more energy, slept better,  and overall felt better.

At the end of the day, if you pay attention to how you feel, you can tell if you feel better, not at all or worse.

Good Luck on your wellness journey.