Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sprouted Nuts & Seeds - Protein you can absorb

Looking for more sources of protein? Raw, soaked nuts are a great snack anytime but especially before and after physical activity. Also great for a heavy "brain" activity like tests or creating new ideas.Nuts have "protein inhibitors" that do what the words suggest, keep your body from absorbing the protein. If you've ever eaten nuts or seeds and couldn't tell the difference in your energy, you discovered this phenomenon. But as I discovered, when they're soaked and dried, you'll get that "protein boost" that you can feel. They also taste better as well.

I remember my grandmother, with pecan trees, would shell fresh pecans, soak a full 24 hours, then dry on the counter-top because they "make the pecan pie taste best". Many old timers knew that secret but was lost until recently.

You could soak raw seeds or nuts a full 24 hours (required to fully eliminate the protein inhibitors), then dry 8 hours on the counter like my grandmother. If you don't have that kind of time, you can buy them already soaked and dried in resealable bags, convenient for on the go protein (or add them in raw salad or pizza for an extra pop of flavor and protein).

I like a personal trainer's company called Nate's Raw Harvest for raw organic pumpkin seeds, pecan, walnuts and mixed nuts. No surprise, these are his most popular sellers because of higher protein than other seeds and nuts.

Try it on your high performance engine called "You". See how your engine runs and go from there...