Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hibiscus Tea - Hot Flashes' Best Friend

With summer heat on it's way, my favorite way to stay a cool 72 (OK, that's what it feels to me) is drinking hibiscus tea. I always have a pitcher in the frig, all year round.So I initially planned a 10 day period, but noticed immediately when I was standing in over 100 degree heat (after drinking an 8 ounce glass)  I wasn't sweating, feeling a cool 72 degrees. It blew my mind! I also would get dry "hot flashes" about 3am and during my experiment, I noticed they went away as well. Many times when I start a trial period of a product, I will discover other issues are resolved that I had not planned. This was the case in this experiment with hibiscus tea.

You can purchase the dried hibiscus flowers (about 40 per gallon) or I found a more convenient (and portable) high concentration tea bags Nile Valley Herbs made in Austin, Texas. Other hibiscus teas I tried were tasty but didn't reduce my temperature. They were not strong enough in concentration, only 1 blossom per tea bag, so all hibiscus tea bags are not the same.

You don't need to brew, just drop in water and drink. I always keep a teabag in my purse during summer so I can grab a bottled water, roll teabag and slide into the bottle. It starts getting red immediately.

I also discovered, hibiscus tea has higher Vitamin C that Orange Juice, so it you have issues with citrus juices giving you indigestion, this is a lifesaver, cold or hot.

Wishing you wellness on your journey...