Wednesday, April 29, 2015

HPP - Technology's Fountain of Health & Vitality

There's a great deal said about the nature of juicing.  It's effective, it's not. It's good for you, it's not.  Opinions are based, sliced and diluted to suit whoever is publishing and what master they serve.  Find out for yourself about HPP (or high pressure pascalization). Especially when your body is under attack, anything bigger than liquid could be seen as foreign invader and ejected out the other end. 

Liquid is the exception. Humans can live a long time without food but not long without liquid. The immune system gatekeeper says "come on through" and doesn't even give a second glance to anything liquid. 

One of the frequently heard objections is that you might get sick from these juices due to the lack of heat processing of the vegetable into the juice whether by metal press or metal blade

The high pressure pascalization process (HPP), by its nature, pulverizes bacteria to a terminal point so no sickness (i.e. ecoli) can enter the equation.  The packaging process of the juices (i.e. in vacuum stasis) also insures no re-infection of pathogens.  Furthermore, this is not a new idea.  This idea has been germinating since the late 1800's, including the French scientist Blaise Pascal, who began to theorize about the effects of pressure on bacteria.  

Another such objection includes the idea that it does not matter what vegetable/fruit you put into the HPP process.  Well, let's think about this logically.  Sugar is sugar.  If you put fruit after fruit after fruit into the machine, you will certainly get a sweet tasty product.  However, you are lading your body with high quantities of natural sugar.  As I referenced in my first blog, overgrowth of sugar has been attached to many sicknesses, including cancer.

What's the choice then? Dark raw green vegetables like kale, collards, and spinach provide vital nutrients to the body system. 4-6 pounds per day is the end goal.  

Another misleading avenue includes that you only have to go to a "hippie" food store to find these items.  Check your grocery store carefully.  Look near the yogurt/freezer areas.  Ask.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  My favorite in Daily Greens (6 lbs of organic Kale/collards so start at 1 oz=1lb to begin with) or SUJA (3 lbs of organic kale but watch fruit sugar levels and start slowly as well).

Is it too much money? Well, think about it.  Up to eight dollars is nothing to sneeze at, but let's think a minute.  Go down the vegetable/produce area.  How much is your one vegetable a pound? $3? Well some of these juicing products go as high as 6 pounds in a bottle.  That's a dollar and a half per pound.  The real question is, can you afford NOT to try it? How much do you spend on over the counter and prescription drugs?
I keep hearing similar stories over and over of people going on the path of discovery when traditional medicine no longer has answers..  Many, like myself have started their own Wellness Bucket List, trying one at a time. Once we overcame the immediate life threatening "NOW" issues, fine tuning the body became our focus and passion. I find it sad that many people treat their high performance cars better than their bodies. Why not shift your focus on the High Performance Machine called our body.

Seven to ten days of your life for a chance of feeling better.  Ask yourself : How do I feel now? How am I sleeping? Am I thinking clearer? How is my mood? 

There's much to be said and much to be researched.  The Europeans have been leading the way on the benefits of HPP juicing and I encourage you to start your research there.  Good luck on your journey.