Friday, November 18, 2016

Quench Sugar or Carb Cravings

All of us, even those of us who live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle have experienced cravings for something sweet or what I call "comfort carbs". These cravings are giving us information that we are missing some nutrient. The more we resist the emotion, the stronger it gets.

Marc David, an expert on the Psychology of eating states if we understood the psychology of the Head Brain vs. Gut Brain struggle, we would realize when we give in to these cravings, we wouldn't think ourselves as weak or a failure. It is never about willpower. He suggests we are misreading what is really going on. In this tug of war, if not correct nutrients sent to brain, it just takes control and eats whatever is easiest for instant peak of energy. And it will continue to require more and more, then insulin peaks high and what goes up, must come down.

What David and many functional medicine advocates suggest our bodies are screaming for essential healthy fats. The brain is said to be mostly fat so the fear of all fat starves not only the brain but the gut micro-flora as well.

My favorite recipe to cut severe cravings is what my husband coined as "Healthy Liquid Chocolate Bar". The organic coconut milk full fat ("brain octane oil", a little unsweetened cacao powder and some liquid organic Stevia instantly makes us feel mentally alert and energetic. It satisfies and creates appetite regulation. Ghrelin, the appetite regulation hormone is quenched. And no energy crash. I keep a small can at all times so I can easy mix all three ingredients together. Or organic cinnamon substitutes for the cacao powder as well.

If you struggle with energy drops or severe cravings, adding more essential fats will alleviate. Dr. Mark Hyman's book "Eat Fat, Stay Thin" is a great resource to understand why low fat has actually made us not only heavier, but insulin resistant and a new form of diabetes 3 with impaired brain function. Dr. Perlmutter's book "Grain Brain" also explains whats really going on in our body when we starve it of essential fats.

Safe travels on your wellness journey...

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