Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yellow Dock for Adult Acne

One of the first places your body shows it's getting overloaded with toxins is skin. Since the skin is the largest organ and the most visible to us, its a great source of information of what's going on inside.

One herb I've found very helpful with adult acne is Yellow Dock Root . It can be taken as a capsule starting at night. If acne is not alleviated, opening capsules in warm water or herbal tea works the best drinking as last thing before bedtime. Sine the taste is "root-y", I find adding a strong tasting non-caffeine herbal tea like peppermint works best. Avoid sugar, even fruit and grains while drinking. It will counteract what you're encouraging your body to do, push out toxins. Add a couple of drops of liquid Stevia (not dry, it has a bitter aftertaste) to balance the flavor. .

Yellow Dock was utilized by the ancient Greeks and Native Americans utilized as a blood cleanser and  tonic to support the liver. Yellow dock increases the liver's ability to filter and purify the blood. Also utilized in treating anemia since it is a rich source of herbal iron. It is also high in vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium magnesium and selenium.
Since it has a strong astringent action, should not be utilized during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

.Because of it's "liver tonic" abilities, it can be helpful with eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin allergies.

Safe travels on your wellness journey..