Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chia Seeds-Time released protein

Yes, the Chia Pet craze is back without the "Pet." Now just the seeds for great Omega 3's, protein and fiber.. I found when I sprinkled on my salad, sandwich or on top of smoothie, it was a "time released protein feeling."

I initially added to my daily routine to get more "plant-based protein" options for high aerobic exercise (in my case ballroom dancing). What I discovered was the "belly fat" that can be a challenge, started melting away. Didn't count on this added benefit.. When I forgot to add chia seeds, I started getting "puggy around the middle."

It did require I drink glasses of water with whatever I put it on. I discovered the seeds soaks up liquid while digesting in the gut so can be dehydrating. There is also ground chia but I found, for me, it just ran through me like ground flax. A bathroom needed to be very close is what I will say on that.

Chia seed can only be grown within 15 degrees of the equator but there are many brands. I've tried those from Ecuador and Mexico but discovered they didn't seem as "potent" since I had to add more chia to get the same protein boost of the others. I found one from Australia called The Chia Co worked best for me. They have a variety of sizes that are resealable and single serve shots that I can keep in my purse, for more portability, while at class or when I need energy boost. 

Another experiment to add to your High Performance Engine List (You)?