Saturday, June 28, 2014

Raw Coconut Water - Rehydrate Quick

Summer brings sweating and dehydration as a daily challenge especially for those of us that live in hot climates. Replenishing not only fluid lost but the electrolytes as well is critical to ensure no heat stroke, leg cramps, etc.

Raw coconut water is said to be the closest to human plasma so people as me what is it good for, I respond, what do they give you plasma for in the hospital when they start your IV?

Two Vietnam medics I've run into, said that not only did they use raw coconut water when they couldn't get human plasma, they preferred it with dramatically reduced rejection. They commented about 1 in every 3 GI's they used human plasma had some form of rejection. This could be minor rash or serious as cardiac arrest. Raw coconut water was plentiful is Southeast Asia and many local doctors used it exclusively on the heavy civilian injuries. They also said it was used in World War II medics as well in tropical areas where supply is close.

I've tried canned or room temp coconut water and felt no different. It's the "raw" for me that made the difference. It quenched my thirst and/or stopped the cramp. Again, juiced in a vacuum (HPP - see my 5/6 entry) so no bacteria is possible had only one option called Harmless Harvest. If you get a chance to grab "a pink one", it has more antioxidents.

Just another product to "fine tune" your High Performance Body Bucket List. Let me know how it worked for you!

Good Luck on your Wellness Journey....