Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kombucha - Let the Fizziness begin

While many have heard the term "kombucha", many have tasted only one brand or remember why there's so much buzz about it. And given the second wave of kombucha companies (many local in every city) have little in common but some amount of probiotics (albeit less than popular yogurt).

While initially I did not like kombucha, I love it instead of soda since it's naturally fizzy and another way to get some friendlies with a meal.

The second wave of kombuchas include a few trends I've noticed since the first ones came out, that tasted a little too vinegary for my taste buds. But now, there's something for everyone.

Fruit has been pretty standard from the very beginning but now seasonal fruit flavors have become the rage, only available for short periods of time.

Another trend is injecting pro-biotic culture into coconut water and sweetening with stevia (an herb like basil or mint) to keep the sugar grams very low. Many kombuchas have so much fruit (still sugar grams) that the probiotics are kind of moot since the whole point is to feed the friendlies, not the sugar. One of my favorites is Kevita which I refer to as "kombucha-lite".

Reminding us of childhood soda flavors was another kombucha maker's offering of Cola, Dr Better (Dr. Pepper reminder), Lemon/Lime and my favorite, Root Beer, with a lovely "bite". The old fashioned soda glass bottle is a nice touch as well for Live Soda Kombucha

Familiar "cocktail flavors" are another trend, like Kickin Kombucha's Blueberry Mojito and Kevita's Mojito Lime Mint for example. This seems to be the fastest growing trend with almost every brand adding at least one "cocktail flavor".for a primarily adult target market.

So if you tried a Kombucha and didn't like, keep trying, because they all have very "unique personalities" for  "soda fix with benefits".