Thursday, June 12, 2014

Give the Cows a Break

At first I started utilizing almond milk in my morning protein drink. I noticed I felt better so I read that humans are the only animals that drink milk after infancy. But how could I cut out my most decadent "fat treat", Cotswold and Brie gourmet cheeses?

Then, while researching the Engine 2 Diet and hearing the "triathlete I had admired on ESPN", later a Texas firefighter, I decided to try giving up cheese for a month. Noticed I had no longer had to clear my throat in the morning. Weird, I had never noticed I did that until it wasn't there.

A month later, I took a cooking class with a friend themed "Cooking with Grapes". It included some high quality Gouda and Brie. I told myself "a little wouldn't hurt anything". Run very quickly when you hear yourself say that. On the drive home. I was doubled over in pain like a rope was cutting me in half. I took a Charcoal capsule, it pushed out the toxins my body did not obviously like and I slept peacefully. My friend didn't fair as well that night having given up dairy as well. Guess our bodies were sending us a strong message.

Well, that took care of that.. but I've found many non-dairy everything from cheese made from almonds solid and shreds (which melt very well if you were a grilled cheese fan}to condiments. These are just "every once and a while treats". I find fresh organic foods I prepare are better since I know all the ingredients that go in them. They also taste better. I can whip together a simple fresh dressing but I've gotten to the place I rarely need one because of the freshness of the meal.

Listen to your body. It will tell you what it likes AND (strongly in many cases) what it doesn't like. I've discovered the better you "fuel your high performance vehicle called YOU" the more energetic you feel. On to the next bucket list item on your list of fine tuning.....

Wishing you wellness on your adventure...