Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Grain Free Bread - Bye Bye Inflammation

Having adopted a Grain Free Diet to reduce inflammation (as all functional medicine doctors advocate), bread was an indulgence I surely missed. But what I didn't miss was how my body felt days after I decided to cheat. My whole body ached and my stomach felt like a big rock had taken residence.Not worth the pain of grain. Then I stumbled upon Paleo Bread made by Julian Bakery in the frozen section of Whole Foods (also in Natural Grocers from their website) made with almond and coconut flour. But how good can it taste, you ask? Outstanding!

We let it defrost in frig but by the 3rd day, we don't even toast it (to firm it up texture-wise), just eating it cold, its so good.

In the morning, just grab a couple of pieces and nibble on the way to work with your beverage of your choice. No carb crash but good protein and no achiness later. With a little toast sandwiches and garlic toast are a possibility again ...especially on the days you're either out of your own bread or don't feel like baking it. And it's Non-GMO and baked in Gluten Free facility.

Their website is with great story of how they started not only grain free bread but wraps as well. I haven't tried wraps yet but I'm definitely excited to try them on my next shopping trip..For those not near a Whole Foods or Natural Grocers, they say they ship on the wrapper as well.

Safe travels on your wellness journey!