Monday, March 21, 2016

More Pure Water = More Energy

We are mostly water that circulates during the day. But if we aren't drinking enough pure water, we aren't giving ourselves the energy we need to get through our busy lives. Science has proven that if the average person drops as little as 5% in body fluids, he or she will suffer a 25 to 30 percent loss of energy.  The liver requires water to metabolize fat into usable energy. So drinking pure water (not tea or liquids) will help metabolize and shed stored fat, resulting in more energy.

Lack of water or a state of dehydration will cause many maladies such as dizziness, headaches, allergies, hypertension and toxic overload of the system  This may explain why so many require multiple coffee and energy drinks just to get through their day.

I also noticed that if I drink 1/2 my body weight daily, not only do I feel more energetic but I have better mental clarity. Starting first thing in the morning, pure water brings me alert than any other thing. I really notice when I don't get enough water. First thing I ask myself if my energy is lower, "how much water have you had?". Fill up your glass or metal water bottle throughout the day and see how much better your body feels...and energy.

Simple small steps make all the difference.

Safe travels on your wellness journey!